Thursday, December 4, 2008

Road to the Gateway

“Jinhe naaz he hind par who kanha he……”tune flowing from radio, what a beautiful song that was from film pyaasa(1957) had suddenly drifted me in deep thoughts. What an excellent song sung by legendary singer late shri Guru Datt.

Its 7.30 in the morning of the chilling winter of Mumbai suburbs, with newspaper in my hand suddenly my eyes caught headline in one corner of the page “Mumbaikars held peace march at gateway”.with anger rising and almost touching the sky limit, it seems like at least this time we came united to fight against terrorism. About thousands and thousands of people all on the road to gateway with slogans and cards displaying the mirror of the society. there was no bounds of age from 6years to 60 years ,no restriction for any religion whether hindu,muslims,sikh, borders for biharis, maharastrians, this are all words belongs to the dictionary of politicians but surely not common mans cup of tea. For all those who present there those were only INDIANS who don’t know what is religion, region.” India, India, India……..” constant call outs, as this is the word have no restriction of language to speak. it sounds like thousands of people screaming but the morale support behind this scream was surely from millions of Indians who were unable to present there but surely had will they could. It creates image of the protest held in pre-independence era to fight for justice, fight for right. But………

60years passed since we became independent nothing has changed nothing. Still we have to fight for our right. Only rulers are changed (I feel shame to use leader here because it will alter the meaning of true leader) but not their way of thinking. They are just a bunch of senseless and selfish people. I don’t know whether its destiny of India or the people belongs to India have the kind of thinking.becuase,people in the government are after all from us only not came from other world or the other universe either. Its truth and the crystal clear truth as quoted earlier we are facing this situation right from we became independent, though we had lots of problem post independence we have some excellent examples in front of us like Japan which came out from the ashes like phoenix. the thing in the nut shell here is the people who are elected are from us they also born and bought up on this soil than what made them so selfish ask yourself ,ask your soul because I know we all definitely know the answer. Only thing is we didn’t think of it because we have psychology of this things will never change, no, not me, you or anybody around us is able to change this.

This is not the matter of few days or months it take whole life of us if we want to change, the only way left for better future and fate of our nation is bring change in yourself first, try to bring changes in your loved and near once whether he or she is your mother, father, brother, daughter, son, neighbor, friend or anyone. Simply implement responsibility, truth and loyalty in our Childs because it’s our future and everything, have a thought for a while try and change yourself before its too late………….

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I keep quiet............

I saw everything, every worst moment
But I keep quiet,
I saw bullets flying everywhere
But I keep quiet,
I saw people scared and screaming
But I keep quiet,
I saw death walking through streets
But I keep quiet,
I saw guiltless people dying for no reason
But I keep quiet,

I saw tears in eyes of mother for his brave martyr son
But I keep quiet,
I saw infinite eyes in search of peace
But I keep quiet,
I saw thousand’s of hands rising for prayer
But I keep quiet,
I saw son of soil fighting bravely for motherland
But I keep quiet,
I saw anger in eyes of each human
But I keep quiet,

I saw innocent child who lost
Everything at the beginning of life
But I keep quiet,
I want to holler, scream, cry louder,
But I can’t,
Since I am in grave and once was alive the way are you,
But why not you ?
Ask your self if you are still alive,
till you have chance to prove.....

-Vishal Bhanushali